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ICSE Treasure Trove: Character Sketches (Importance, Tips, Examples)

by Sarthak Shah on Oct 29, 2022

Character sketches are very important for the exams as they have been asked time and again in board exams and in specimen papers too.

Character sketches help students get a deep understanding and a strong mental image of the characters including how the character talks, acts and thinks.

This is wonderfully captured through character sketches in our ICSE Treasure trove guide which summarizes the key personality traits, background, behavior, and nature of different characters.

To help you save your precious time and pain of creating, extracting and consolidating character sketches by analyzing the various characters from each and every chapter, we have given excellent character sketches of all the important characters in our ICSE Treasure Trove book.

You can now have all the important character sketches beautifully written at one place in our Treasure Trove guide which is valuable for every ICSE student.

We have provided you an examples of Character sketches from the Treasure Trove book below:

Jesse Owens Jesse Owens was an American track and field athlete who participated in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He had practiced rigorously for six years with the game in mind and to break the notion of Hitler aboutAryan Supremacy. Whenhewentforthetrails hesawLuzLong,aGerman athlete performing better than him. He was nervous and remembered Hitler’s propagated myth of Aryan Supremacy. This showed his short-tempered nature. Luz Long understood Jesse Owen’s problem, came to him, encouraged him, and gave him a tip that made Jesse Owens succeed in his trial. Jesse Owens was so grateful to Luz Long that on the night of qualifying for the final, he went to thank him. Later, he won the medal also, and Luz Long wholeheartedly congratulated Jesse Owens, without bothering about Hitler’s displeasure. Jesse Owens was a great athlete who made America proud of him. Jesse Owens was a man of emotions who weighed his friendship with Luz Long much more than all the gold medals he had won. Jesse Owens and Luz Long's friendship was lifelong and the friendship which was developed during the Olympics was carried on till Luz Long's death during World War II.

Our Almond books treasure trove guide contains Character sketches like :

  • Joe Thompson
  • Mrs. Thompson
  • Maggie
  • The Little March Girl
  • Her Father
  • Grandmother
  • Sibia
  • Luz Long
  • Margot

to help students learn and imbibe better, retain better, save your precious preparation time and get all important notes, character sketches, explanation and guides all in one place.

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