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ICSE English Literature: 5 Tips for Board Exams

by Sarthak Shah on Nov 15, 2022

Are you aiming to ace the ICSE English Literature exam? Look no further! Here are some tips to help you succeed:
  1. Understand the material: Whether it's a play, story, or poem, it's crucial to grasp the events, plot, characters, and meaning of the text. Review summaries, paraphrased versions, and notes to fully comprehend the work. Almond Books' Merchant of Venice and Treasure Trove for Class 9 and 10 can also assist in this process.

  2. Know your vocabulary: As you read, make sure you understand every single word. It's important to build your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills for the exam.

  3. Practice writing: In order to excel on the English Literature exam, you must be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of the material and write clear, concise answers. Practice writing quality responses to various questions.

  4. Avoid repetition: When answering extract-based questions, it can be tempting to give the same response for each sub-question. However, it's important to understand what each question is asking and provide a relevant answer.

  5. Try a variety of questions: Practicing previous board exam questions is a given, but to really test your skills, try tackling diverse and challenging questions from school preliminary exams. These papers, available from different ICSE schools, will provide a unique set of questions to practice with.

To get started on your journey to acing the ICSE English Literature exam, check out Almond Books' publication for Class 9 and 10. These books offer extract-based questions, school prelim question and answers, MCQs, and much more to help you prepare.

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