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ICSE English Literature: 5 Tips for Board Exams

by Sarthak Shah on Nov 15, 2022

Because ICSE has the most advanced English curriculum in India at school level, it might not be easy to achieve high scores in ICSE English examinations. However, by following some smart strategies, you can score outstanding marks on the ICSE English Literature exam.

Understand the play, story and poem: Read the text carefully, then review the summary, paraphrase, and notes. It is essential to understand the events, plot, characters, and twists of the story. In poetry, it is also important to understand each stanza's underlying meaning.

Know every word meaning: When you read your text (Merchant of Venice play or Treasure Trove), make sure you understand every word. Depending on how you have developed your reading habits, you may or may not be able to understand most words. The most important thing is to understand every word, regardless of that.

Practise writing: We cannot emphasise enough the importance of learning how to write quality answers. You must demonstrate both a thorough understanding of the text and the ability to write clear and concise answers in English Literature.

Don’t be repetitive: It may appear as if the answers to all sub-questions are the same when answering an extract-based question (which is common in English Literature). NO, they are not. In order to write a relevant answer, you must understand what the question asks and be able to adequately answer it.

Try your hand at diverse and twisted questions: It is a no-brainer to practise board exam questions from previous years, but did you know what the most effective method is to find a variety of questions to practise? It's the School's preliminary exams. Get prelim papers from different ICSE schools and solve the questions. You won't find them easy!

Interested in practising the above points, but not sure where to begin? Check out the English Literature books for ICSE Class 9 & 10 by Almond Books publication. These book contain several new extract-based questions, school prelim question & answers, MCQs and much more!

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