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ICSE Class 10 Geometry Basics

by AlmondBooks Support on Oct 28, 2022

Geometry deals with shapes, angles, dimensions and sizes of a variety of things we see in everyday life.Geometry is derived from Ancient Greek words – ‘Geo’ means ‘Earth’ and ‘metron’ means ‘measurement’.

Basics of Geometry is important for ICSE Class 10. Co-ordinate geometry teaches us the location of a point on a plane.

For Example, the coordinates of a point are (x, y), where x-coordinate (abscissa) denotes the distance of point from the y-axis and y-coordinate (ordinate) denotes the distance of the point from the x-axis.

Basics of Geometry and all the topics for ICSE syllabus for class 10 2023 are included in Almond Books ICSE Class 10 MATHS Study Guide 2022-23 which can be downloaded from the following links:

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