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ICSE English Composition: 5 Tips to Write Effective Essays

by Yash Soni on Sep 26, 2022

ICSE English composition or essay writing is among the most challenging aspects of the exam. English compositions broadly are of 5 types. Here are few things you need to keep in mind when writing a composition in your English 9 or 10 language exam.

Start with a Strong Introduction

A good introduction will set the tone of your essay and pique the interest of your examiner. It is good to cultivate curiosity in readers.

Write About Something You Know Well

If you're writing about something you know well, you can use examples from your own life to illustrate your points. However, if you're writing about something new, you might find yourself struggling with ideas. Try brainstorming different ways to approach the subject. You can develop your ideas by reading good books from publishers such as Almond Books.

Develop a Point of View

After deciding what you want to say, you need to decide where you stand on the issue. This is called developing a point of view. If you are writing an essay on an argumentative topic, you should begin by identifying the opposing side's position. Then, you should identify your own position. Finally, you should explain why you believe your position is correct.

Craft a Clear Structure

A good composition structure includes three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion (not paragraphs; you can divide your essay body into a few small paragraphs). Each part has its own purpose. The introduction provides context for the rest of the composition. It introduces the main idea and gives background information. The body explains the argument and supports the central idea. And the conclusion summarizes the key points of the composition.

Include Details That Support Your Claims

You should also use examples to illustrate your points. These examples should be relevant to your composition topic. They should not just be random facts; rather, they should relate to your point of view.

You will be able to write effective essays in ICSE if you follow these simple but vital tips. Prepare well for your Language exam by practicing the latest ICSE essay topics (taken from Almond Books ICSE Compositions Textbook).

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