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MCQ Questions in ICSE Treasure Trove Short Stories (Free Test with Instant Answers)

by AlmondBooks Support on Oct 29, 2022

To make sure that you ace in your ICSE English Literature board exams we have prepared a free MCQ based test on the Latest ICSE’s curriculum following the most important points from the Treasure Trove Short Stories.

These MCQs have been taken from the Almond Books ICSE Treasure Trove Short Stories study guide which is the most important guide when you are preparing for your ICSE class 10 board exams. This test will help you enrich your knowledge, test your preparation and is based on the latest ICSE curriculum. 

You will also feel more confident in appearing for the final exams after testing your knowledge here. Answers are given at the end of the test. All the best!!


1.“An Angel in Disguise” is a short story written by-

(a) T.S. Arthur

(b) T.S. Eliot

(c) Norah Burke

(d) O Henry

2.The dead mother was -

(a) A very selfish woman 

(b) A bar owner

(c) A gambler 

(d) A drunkard

3.Who was the oldest among the children?

(a) Joe

(b) Maggie

(c) Kate

(d) John

4.Why did the little girl sell matches?

(a) To save up money to buy slippers for her grandmother

(b) To earn money to help support her poor family

(c) To earn enough money to buy a Christmas tree

(d) To buy a roast goose

5.How many visions did the little girl see on New Year’s Eve?

(a) Two

(b) Three

(c) Four

(d) Five

6.What is the theme of “The Little Match Girl”?

(a) Wishing on a falling star made the little girl's dreams come true

(b) The little girl never gave up on hope

(c) Having food and warmth is what saved the little girl

(d) Poor children don't have the same luxuries as rich children

7.Jesse Owens was -

(a) An African American

(b) A great long-distance runner

(c) A great German sportsman

(d) An Aryan of superior race

8.Hitler believed in the -

(a) Equality of all races

(b) The superiority of the German race

(c) The superiority of the English race

(d) None of the above

9.What happens every seven years on Venus?

(a) A rocket ship arrives with more settlers

(b) The sun shines for two hours

(c) All the trees stop growing

(d) An earthquake destroys the underground settlement

10.What were the contents of the locked chest?

(a) Silver and gold

(b) Turquoises and opals

(c) Diamonds and gold

(d) Platinum and Turquoises


Answer Key: 1-a , 2-d , 3-d , 4-b , 5-c , 6-b , 7-a , 8-b , 9-b , 10-b


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