ICSE Class 10: Top 5 English Study Guides Students Need Right Now

ICSE Class 10: Top 5 English Study Guides Students Need Right Now

by Sarthak Shah on Oct 05, 2022

We have curated a list of the Top 5 English Study Guides for ICSE Class 10 that you need right now, so you can learn and practice effectively. My objective in this post is not only to suggest books that make the subject easy to comprehend, but also contain questions, explanations, and content that is crucial for the upcoming ICSE Board exams.

Preparing for the ICSE Class 10 board exams requires the right study materials. You enrich your knowledge and shape your career through your performance on these exams. In a world where globalisation has made the world more interconnected and interdependent, being good at English communication will help you excel at a variety of jobs. This is due to English emerging as the most spoken language across the globe.

1) Almond Books ICSE Merchant of Venice Self-Help Book For Class 9 & 10

This self-help book for ICSE Class 9 and 10 students provides a concise explanation of English literature's Merchant of Venice play. With its numerous illustrations and side notes, this interactive book keeps students engaged while learning.

2) Almond Books ICSE Treasure Trove Study Guide For Class 10, Poems & Short Stories

Poems and Short Stories are some of the most challenging texts that ICSE Board students must learn for Class 10, since contextual understanding, vocabulary, and writing skills are all tested by ICSE Board.

This newly launched Treasure Trove study guide by Almond Books provides students with a complete practice solution for all the five poems and five stories in the new ICSE Class 10 curriculum.

3) Almond Books ICSE English Compositions Textbook for Class 9 & 10

For the first time in ICSE, this textbook covers all elements of composition writing in ICSE Class 9 and 10. In this book, students are introduced to five different types of essays covered in the ICSE curriculum, allowing them to develop an understanding of each in depth and practice with topic ideas that are new and trending.

This ICSE compositions book gives students a deeper understanding of different writing styles, how to plan compositions, and shows how to master the art of writing a composition on any topic in ICSE English exam.

4) Almond Books ICSE Class 9 & 10 English Grammar Textbook

The English language exam in ICSE consists of 20 marks of grammar questions. While grammar is an easy section to answer on an exam, students often make mistakes and lose marks due to a lack of fundamental understanding and practice. Specifically designed for the ICSE curriculum, Almond Books has released a new textbook that teaches English Grammar in an engaging, simple manner.

5) Exam18 ICSE Class 9-10 Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice Paraphrase Book

In this special Merchant of Venice study guide, scene-wise explanations are provided in plain English. Students having difficulty understanding the play will greatly benefit from this book.

There is only a paraphrase of the play presented in simple English in order to make the play more understandable for students and decode Shakespearean English to a simpler and more understandable format for students to grasp better.

These books are highly recommended for Class 10 English Literature and language for ICSE students and are a must buy. These books are of exceptional quality and content. My congratulations go to you if you have read this far! You have completed the first step towards achieving a great score in one of the most promising subjects of your Board Exams!

We wish you dear students good luck for all the exams.

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