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MCQ Questions in ICSE Treasure Trove Poems (Free Test with Instant Answers)

by AlmondBooks Support on Oct 29, 2022


The ICSE board exam now includes multiple choice questions (MCQs). Students should practice them to prevent losing marks.

There is no doubt that the more MCQs you practice in Treasure Trove, the better prepared you'll be for the test. In this article, we'll cover a few of Treasure Trove's challenging and interesting MCQs.

The MCQs in this section were taken from the Almond Books ICSE Treasure Trove Poems study guide. You can use this guide to your advantage when preparing for the ICSE class 10 board exam. There are many things that make this study guide different from traditional study guides, including revision notes, a question bank, sample papers, and feedback from board examiners.

The answers are given at the end of the test. Good luck!



1. What does the caged bird’s singing reveal about him?

(a) He is terribly unhappy

(b) He prefers to sing rather than to fly 

(c) He is afraid to be free

(d) He wants to be heard

2. Why does the caged bird sing?

(a) It wants to challenge the free bird

(b) It must make others feel good

(c) It wants to entertain people

(d) It has only one way to express itself

3. What was Maya Anglou's profession apart from being a poet?

(a) Lawyer

(b) Doctor

(c) Activist

(d) Jury

4. What was the poem Daffodils inspired by?

(a) Animals 

(b) Humans

(c) Nature

(d) Happiness

5. What does the phrase "sprightly dance" mean ?

(a) Depressing

(b) Lively and full of energy

(c) Jumping up and down

(d) Slow and cautious

6. Wordsworth saw a host of daffodils beside_____.

(a) The river

(b) The lake

(c) The sea

(d) The hill

7. Why doesn't the patriot blame the people throwing stones at him?

(a) He has committed a misdeed

(b) He is in high pain

(c) He knows that they misunderstood him

(d) He knows that he will be free soon

8. How did Abu Ben Adhem speak to the angel?

(a) With Humility

(b) Rudely

(c) He didn't speak at all

(d) Boldly/Courageously

9. Abou Ben Adhem was a _____ man.

(a) Atheist

(b) Irreligious

(c) Selfish

(d) Religious

10. The poem "Nine Gold Medals" by David Roth narrates-

(a) A folk tale

(b) A story based upon a real incident

(c) An imaginary story

(d) None of the above


Answer Key: 1-d , 2-d , 3-c , 4-c , 5-b , 6-b , 7-c , 8-d , 9-d, 10-b

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  • Gauri
    Dec 10, 2022 at 15:31

    “Why does the caged bird sing?” Shouldn’t the right answer be “(d) It has only one way to express itself” ? But the answer marked here is ©.


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